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What is Personal Branding Photography?

Personal branding has become a buzz phrase that, as many buzz phrases do, is seemingly starting to become obfuscated. I'm a headshot and portrait photographer and increasingly being contacted by potential clients who say they're seeking personal branding photos, but after speaking with them further I realize that what they really need is a headshot or two that aligns with their industry. If you're a techie wanting an inviting headshot for job applications that won't make you look like you're in the banking sector, then you don't need personal branding photography; you just need a headshot that's true to you. Personal branding involves much more than a good looking portrait of you dressed a certain way. A headshot can give someone a hint of your personality - like your friendliness or your tenaciousness or your fun-loving persona. But while your personality is a part of your personal brand, it's not fully your personal brand. If you provide a service, your prospects are ultimately coming to you for that service, not just to experience your personality. A personal branding photography session provides you images to visually hook your prospects into seeing you as someone who can meet their expectations for the solution they're seeking. Here are two examples to help illustrate...

Arno De Vos above is a real estate agent. He specializes in luxury condo sales. His prospects are ultimately looking for a realtor who understands the waterfront, full-service highrise lifestyle they seek. His branding photo aims to resonate with that along with his persona.

Laura Callis above is a home organizing consultant. Her potential clients are not just seeking practical organization for their home but may also be seeking to invest in converting them into beautiful spaces. Her image is meant to speak for the outcome they can start dreaming of when working with her.

A company's brand may be wrapped up in a name, a logo and a slogan, but a savvy marketer for a successful company knows that what really drives its brand recognition is the reputation it establishes with its clients. It's not the mermaid in a green circle that makes the Starbucks brand. It's the warm and fuzzy feeling its clients get from a rush of caffeine prepared for them in exactly the way they prefer, hot or iced, black or creamy. The wise quote that says "A person may forget your name and they may forget what you look like, but they will never forget how you made them feel" applies to everything including business. A company's logo and slogan is just an identifier for the company. Its brand recognition is much more about the experience its clients come to expect from them. For you, as a sole-proprietor providing a service, your personal brand is not simply who you are. The power in your brand comes from being known as the provider of a specific solution and how you make your clients feel through your business. A personal branding photo session involves a lot of planning and delving into what is at the heart of your brand. Highly curated images and/or videos are then created for you that will help communicate it to your prospects clearly and holistically. If you'd like to discuss developing materials for your personal brand, drop me a note and let's get brainstorming.